Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Sensation Ala Tao

Sensasi Bercinta Ala Tao
Love Sensation Ala Tao - Art fuck this one will inspire you to give incredible pleasure to your partner. Taoist tradition known attempt to explore the sexual energy and uniting Yin and Yang through sexual relations between men and women. Every movement in the Tao have meaning and benefit for those who do it.

Quoted from the following Tao art of lovemaking style:

Attacking style of hilly land
This is a favorite style of Tao. The position of woman lying down with head and shoulders supported by a large pillow. While the woman's legs was developed to make the female body surface bumpy.

Grip fall
Using a foam seat with a seated position facing. Women sat on his thigh, while doing a position like this, men and their partners freely explore each partner's body.

Worship on the mat
Woman lying on higher ground (mat or table), opening wide in the thighs and legs. Then your knees bent legs at the end of the table or mat. Thus, the male partner to easily penetrate.

Grip from the top, rear and side
The position of women in top pair with his back to the man's face while holding and rubbing the feet of men. Male partner can also enjoy and express his love to put his arm dipinggung and thighs, touching her breasts and buttocks partner.

Meanwhile, to the grip side, woman on top, but rather sideways. While the man, lying down, lifting one of her hips in a slanting position.

Conquest and stern
Women are in a position to do push-ups. While men in a half-standing position by bending his knees from behind.